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From time to time, we get questions from customers that  are a bit confused about the role of web based email.  YKC Web Based Email is designed to be a "portable" email service that can be used from any Internet capable computer while you are away from home or office.  You simply go to http://mail.ykc.com (the page your viewing now) and click on the web based email icon above.  You will need to enter your user ID and Password to view your mail.  YKC Web Based Email is very quick and easy to use, but it does not provide all of the capabilities of using a full email program.

Web Mail will allow you to send and receive messages to and from the Internet, but you will not be able to view pictures that are included as part of the message nor will you be able to click on  Internet  links that are included in the body of a message.  Keep in mind that Web Mail is a quick and portable solution for email, not a full featured product.

In order to receive all of the capabilities that email can offer, we encourage YKC customers to use an email program such as Microsoft Outlook Express from your home or office.  This will allow you to receive and view your messages the way they were written with colored text, different type styles, live hyper links and background pictures.

Microsoft Outlook Express is included on the YKC IE 6.0 CD ROM.    Information on how to set-up the program can be found by clicking on the Using Microsoft Outlook Express with YKC link at the top of this page.

We encourage you to use the email solution that works best for you!


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